CO2 in the atmosphere

May 2021: 419.1 ppm
May 2020: 417.3 ppm
Pre-industrial: 280 ppm
 SAFE LEVEL: ~350 ppm

From: NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory
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Sustainable Blewbury

Sustainable Blewbury is concerned with climate change and other environmental issues. We must end our dependence on fossil fuels because of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We need to explore ways in which we as a village can adapt to a low carbon and more sustainable way of living, while maintaining a good quality of life. SB places the highest priority on raising awareness of climate change and communicating urgently how it affects all our lives.

Our Project page has more on Sustainable Blewbury’s origins, a list of our projects and who to contact for more information. Note carbon dioxide levels in sidebar at the left.

Sustainable Blewbury Activities

Home heating group

For many of us, heating our homes is the biggest contributor to our carbon footprint. Lower-carbon solutions such as heat pumps are available, but each home is different, and it can be a challenge to find what’s most suitable and affordable in each case. We’ve formed a new group within Sustainable Blewbury to improve our own knowledge and help others to find out what could work for them.

Seven people came to the first (virtual) meeting of the group on 4th May, bringing a lively mix of knowledge and experience – we learned quickly that we all have unanswered questions and none of our homes are perfect! Ideas came forward about installing underfloor heating in old houses, insulation, air-source and ground-source heat pumps and more. We plan three main activities: (1) to arrange outside speakers with specific experience; (2) to collect information, especially personal practical experiences that complement the official and commercial literature; (3) to share the information and help anyone to find ways to make their heating more sustainable. Anyone is welcome to bring information, ideas and questions – no knowledge or commitment is required. Please contact Nevillte Hargreaves:

Blewbury Garden Market

We are off to a flying start this year, with several record-breaking Saturday morning sessions (9.15 to 11.15 am) and with a big boost from the Blewbury Bread Company. The main interest so far is mainly plants and seedlings, but we expect to get more produce as the season progresses. We also have ample supplies of local honey and jam.

If you have surplus fruit, vegetable or flower seedlings, or preserves or baked goods, bring them along at 9.00 am on a Saturday and we can try to sell them (You keep 90% of the price). If you would like to volunteer to help on the stall (in a COVID-safe way), please contact either Eric (850558 or 07935 232 296) or John (850372).

In normal times, we have a substantial programme of activities in and around the village. Getting involved is fun and can make a very positive contribution to village life and the local environment. If you’d like to get involved, or to receive our free Newsletter, email us at or phone John Ogden at 01235 850372

CO2 2021

Newsletter 44 – March/April 2021

Our latest Sustainable Blewbury Newsletter is available here.

Local SB activities: Sustainable Blewury AGM; Future SB activities; Blewbury Garden Market; County Council elections; Cleve clear-up; Ash die-back
Short items: Great Green Wall of Africa; Does the government take climate change seriously? New energy-efficiency labels; Is it Volkswgen or Voltswagen?
Longer article: Lithium batteries for electric cars

Earlier newsletters and their contents are available on our newsletters page.

Blewbury Climate Action (BCA)

BCA logo

BCA is a group formed by Sustainable Blewbury at the request of Blewbury Parish Council.
Our aim can be summarised as: ‘acting locally in a global climate emergency’ and this heads every page on our BCA blog.

We can see with our own eyes that our climate is changing, and scientists from all over the world agree that the world is facing a climate emergency. But governments are failing to properly and seriously address the crisis, so we must tell politicians that we expect them to do better for ourselves and future generations, and we ourselves must also do what we can to help.

It is naturally more difficult to get going on your own, and also to know what to do that’s most effective, so the BCA group was created to provide unbiased information and to help people do things large or small that will make a difference to the global climate emergency.

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Blewbury bus

Blewbury buses: Revised timetable for 94/94S

We have been hoping since 2016 for reinstatement of earlier and later 94 weekday buses and a Saturday service. And this is what has changed from 4th January! It could reduce the carbon footprint of the villages and will give village residents without cars much improved access to both Didcot and the Harwell Campus.

The revised service runs linearly from Didcot through East Hagbourne, Blewbury, Upton, Chilton to Harwell Campus and back again, but unfortunately West Hagbourne’s only stop will be at the Horse and Harrow. A pdf copy of the timetable can be downloaded from the Thames Travel (TT) website at There will be no changes to the 94S buses on school days.

It is important to remember that in July 2016 when Oxfordshire County Council decided to withdraw all funding for local bus services we could have lost all our buses had TT not managed to keep the 94 service running by transferring some pupils that they had previously taken to school on a dedicated coach service onto the 94/94S instead. The requirement to carry school children continues to provide a significant portion of the revenue for the service. This commitment to getting children to and from school on time (using a single bus for both the 94 and 94S route) determines the availability of the single vehicle that provides both the 94 and 94S service.*

It means that the first direct bus to Harwell Campus does not arrive there until 9.32 am. If you need to get to Harwell Campus before then you have to take a bus in the opposite direction to Didcot Parkway and transfer to the X32 service.

* Children from eight villages (Blewbury, Upton, the Hagbournes, Astons and Moretons) are transported to and from
   St. Birinus and Didcot Girls School on the 94S bus.

Please also try the Friday morning minibus to Wallingford run by the Downland Villages Transport Group (DVTG) – it’s great for doing errands or just having a quick break in Wallingford on market day. If you haven't already signed up or need more information, contact, or ring 01235 851763. You can buy tickets at Blewbury Post Office or Savages.

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CAG logo

Our activity is organised around five main themes:

Travel and Transport

The travel and transport theme promotes public transport and encourages cycling and walking, with more cycleways and footpaths, in order to reduce car dependency.


The Blewbury Energy Initiative aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings, encourage the use of renewable energy resources and use much less coal, oil and gas.

Food and Farming

The food and farming theme supports and promotes local food production and marketing in order to reduce food miles, as well as encouraging fair trade.

Natural Environment & Heritage

The natural environment and heritage theme is to promote protection of Blewbury's history, architecture and special characteristics – such as its springs and streams, trees, and village fabric.

Pentagram of themes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The reduce, reuse, recycle theme aims to reduce the amount of waste, and to encourage reuse of items and recycling to recover raw materials. It promotes water saving, local recycling and household composting.