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Sustainable Blewbury

Sustainable Blewbury is concerned with climate change and other environmental issues, including the depletion of natural resources. We believe that we must reduce our dependence on fossil fuels because of the increasing levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We need to explore ways in which we as a village can adapt to a lower-carbon and more sustainable way of living, while maintaining a good quality of life.

SB places the highest priority on raising awareness of climate change and communicating urgently how it affects all our lives. Our Blewbury Energy Initiative website includes information on the scientific background to climate impacts, renewable energy and measures we can all take to help lower our own carbon footprints.

Events and activities

‘Green’ drinks

Monday, 4th June, 7.30 pm at The Blueberry

Come to discuss any sustainability or environmental (green) issues that interest you. We’ll be there, and look forward to talking about issues close to home or further afield. Or tell us what you think SB should be doing. Everyone is welcome – no set agenda and very informal – just turn up! We plan to try this on the first Monday of every second month.


Blewbury Garden Market

Every Saturday morning from 9.30 to 11.30 am (unless we sell out earlier) at Blewbury Garage

Our ninth season is off to a great start! We buy and sell fresh, local garden fruit and veg, flowers, bedding plants and seedlings, home-made bread, cakes and preserves, and (hopefully) local honey and eggs. Producers please bring items to sell from 9.15 am. For more information and sales forms see www.sustainable-blewbury.org.uk/food.htm, or email us at bgm@sustainable-blewbury.org.uk.

25th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, 30 September

Sustainable Blewbury has a big anniversary this year. In 1993, the Blewbury Village Society started an Environment Group because of an increasing interest in the appearance of the village and its environment. This interest widened under Mike Edmunds’ chairmanship, and the Environment Group evolved into Sustainable Blewbury in 2009, becoming independent of the BVS in 2012.

The exact format of the day has not yet been decided, but we want to delve into our past, so we would like to hear from you if you were involved in the Environment Group from 1993 until it evolved into Sustainable Blewbury in 2009. Do you have memories of Environment Group projects? And do you have any photographs you are willing to share with us? If so please contact Jo Lakeland: info@sustainable-blewbury.org.uk or 850490.

New officers

At our AGM on 23 April we elected Glen Meadows as Chair and Jane Kinniburgh as Secretary. John Ogden continues as Treasurer. Jo Lakeland and Eric Eisenhandler, who were Co-chairs for the past three years, remain active as members of the Core Group along with James Morgan and David Lomas. There is more information about who is co-ordinating our various projects here.

We have a substantial programme of activities in and around the village. Getting involved is fun and can make a very positive contribution to village life and the local environment. If you’d like to get involved in what we do, or to receive our free Newsletter, email us at info@sustainable-blewbury.org.uk or phone John Ogden at 01235 850372.


Newsletter 23 – May 2018

Our latest new-style Sustainable Blewbury Newsletter is available here.

We have an introductory article on planetary boundaries, discussing various environmental areas and how close they are to causing potentially serious problems. Also, a new approach to carbon capture and storage, news from our AGM and more.

Earlier newsletters are listed with their contents on our newsletters page.

Blewbury bus

Blewbury buses

We still have a bus service to Didcot, and it is now quicker both early and late in the day to get to and from the town centre and the station. So do make full use of the new, quicker routes for the morning ‘school bus’ and the last few buses of the day. A simplified timetable is available here.

Please also try the Friday morning minibus to Wallingford run by the Downland Villages Transport Group (DVTG) – it’s great for doing errands or just having a quick break in Wallingford on market day. If you haven't already signed up or need more information, contact dvtgbus@gmail.com, or ring 01235 851763. You can buy tickets at Blewbury Post Office or Savages.

Camera trap fox

New on this website – Blewbury wildlife videos

Have a look at the trial version of our Blewbury wildlife map. We’ve used the camera traps we bought for Blewbury Primary School to record videos at three locations in the village – each star on the map has clip(s) showing one type of animal.

‘Climate Change: Growing Elephant, Shrinking Room’ – Prof. Eric Eisenhandler

There’s been a lot in the news about climate change, especially extreme weather, but the stories don’t often explain much. Eric’s talk in Blewbury on 30 October 2017 explained climate change and its effects. Then he covered renewable energy, including recent progress in dealing with intermittent energy sources (wind and solar), and ended by summarising the UK situation. Eric’s slides can be viewed here (pdf).

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Our activity is organised around five main themes:

Travel and Transport

The travel and transport theme promotes public transport and encourages cycling and walking, with more cycleways and footpaths, in order to reduce car dependency.


The Blewbury Energy Initiative aims to reduce energy consumption in buildings and to encourage the use of renewable energy resources. The aim is to use much less coal, oil and gas to help the global environment.

Food and Farming

The food and farming theme supports and promotes local food production and marketing in order to reduce food miles, as well as encouraging fair trade.

Natural Environment and Heritage

The natural environment and heritage theme aims to raise awareness and promote protection of Blewbury's history, architecture and special characteristics – such as its springs and streams, trees, and village fabric.

Pentagram of themes

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The reduce, reuse, recycle theme aims to reduce the amount of waste, and to encourage reuse of items and recycling to recover raw materials. It promotes water saving, local recycling and household composting.